We worked with marketing agency MMC and design company Courage Creative to produce a series of Infographic Explainer Animations for accountancy software company ‘Inflo’. These animations were used to promote the product and explain the functionality of the software to then target the US market.

Inflo Hybrid Intelligence

After producing the initial release animation for Inflo, we produced a 2nd animation showcasing their ‘Inflo Hi’ service. Here we dive deeper into the accountancy software, explaining how it can help customers transform their business. For this project we continued to use the same style for the design, voice over and the animation itself, ensuring brand-consistency throughout.



This was our 3rd Infographic Explainer Animation for Inflo. Like the previous two projects, we worked alongside the same design company to ensure this animation had consistent branding throughout.  Throughout the productions of these projects, we had a collective objective to provide a simple, yet effective informative explainer film. The shapes and vectors were designed in a simplified style to aid in the explanation of the Inflo service. Our job was to animate these designs creatively and at a dynamic pace to engage and inform the audience.