Animation Services

Animated explainer videos that bring your brand to life. We script, design, storyboard and animate everything.

After an animated explainer video? We’ll design and animate the entire video for you, completely in-house – we’ll work with our script writers and designers to bring your story or product to life.

An animated explainer video can help bring your brand to life or sum up your product or service in a few minutes. It’s the perfect addition to your website’s homepage and your social media feed – especially if your service requires a short explanation.


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We’ll work with you to script, storyboard, design, and animate an explainer video that sums up your service or concept in a few minutes. We’ll then call on our network of collaborators to find the perfect backing track and voiceover artist to go with our animation. With your brief in mind, we will find the most creative and engaging way to deliver an animation video that fits your brand, captivates your audience and more importantly, achieves results.


Motion Graphic Animation

If you need to explain a business, service, product or advertise an upcoming event using a creative and engaging animation video. This is perfect for you.

Keeping everything on-brand we can produce an Infographic Animation Explainer using a variety of typography, vectors and images that captivates your audience and delivers important information creatively and efficiently.

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Character Animation

Animated characters are a fantastic and relatable way to drive the narrative of your video. Whether you need us to animate current company characters, or design completely new characters created to fit your brand, we can work with you on bringing them to life.

By collaborating these characters with corresponding custom designed scenes, creative animated transitions, professional voice-over, complimenting sound track and the finishing touch of sound effects, we can create an animation perfect for your requirements.


Social Animation

Social Media Animations are an effective and creative way to deliver a message or raise awareness on a subject without bombarding your audience with text.

Usually produced for the square 1080×1080 (1:1) resolution optimised for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc, this video style can combine creative typography, vectors, images and even character animations to display important information in a short amount of time, maintaining the viewers attention.


Design Services

The great thing about animation is that we can build a visual storyboard that accurately represents what will feature within the final video project. This means the entire look and feel of the project can be approved before the animation work even begins.

We can work alongside your in-house designers, build from your current brand guidelines, or if you have none of the above, start from scratch to design an animation  project that perfectly fits your brief.


Voice-Over Services

If you require a professional narration for your project, we have access to a phenomenal range of voice-over artists within our network that we regularly collaborate with. We can work together to find a vocal style that matches your brand and project, giving your company voice an actual voice!

Alternatively, if using a professional v.o artist isn’t for you, we can record a member of your team at our headquarters, getting their voice from script, to screen.

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