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Event Video Production services that capture your conference, product launch, live-show, or sporting spectacle. Bring your event to life with a creative, cinematic and engaging video.


When it comes to planning an event, video marketing is key. It helps create a stronger emotional connection with the audience, building excitement, driving engagement all whilst capturing the experience of the whole event.

Building more publicity around your next event is crucial, using content from previous events to promote your next one will help encourage new audiences to come next time. Capturing elements like testimonials can also be a great feature, getting your own audience to talk highly of you and how much they enjoyed the event that took place will help build a stronger level of trust between you and a new customer.

i-Stage Entertainment

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We have over a decade of experience capturing a variety of events from marathons, live performances, festivals, launch events, awards nights, corporate speakers, networking events, comedy nights, and much more. Every event is unique, so we will work closely with you to understand your specific aims, audience and event schedule, enabling us to capture the most cinematic and engaging video content for your intended purpose.

We offer a vast selection of video production options to ensure that you receive a bespoke recording of your event that matches your vision and brief. From resolution options of high-definition, to a full 4K production, standard frame rates to slow-motion visuals, cinematic moving camera shots to static time-lapse video, miniature action cameras and even drones. We have everything you need to make an event video that blows your audience away

Corporate Event Video

We have vast experience capturing a variety of corporate events, from speaker events, company award ceremonies, corporate fun days, launch events, networking and presentations.

We can capture your corporate event with cinematic footage and edit a dynamic and engaging highlight montage video ideal for promoting future events. Additionally, we are able to create full-length corporate event videos suitable for attendees that could not make it to watch online.

Our range of event video production packages can include multi-camera set-ups, vox pop interviews, aerial drone video, multiple editing options and still photography.



Live Performance Video

Live events on stage have so many moving parts to put on a spectacle, so why not capture it all and share it with an even wider audience by utilising the power of live performance video production.

Capturing a performance live enables you to share content that is a truly authentic representation of the performance and atmosphere. This can be a great way to share a successful event that has recently happened or to promote the next event on your schedule.

We have captured a range of live performances including pyrotechnic events, theatre dramas, live bands and singers, magicians, dance shows, and even a comedy hypnotist. Get in touch to find out how we capture your live event!


Sport Event Video

Sports are inherently visual. Photos only convey part of the story and your followers won’t react as strongly to the content. Incorporating creative video production into your sports marketing and media efforts attracts attention and reaffirms to your audience that you want to share events with them.

We have a range of production equipment built to capture the fast-paced environment of sport; including moving camera stabilisers, high frame-rates for slow-motion, aerial drone technology and much more.

Our highly skilled in-house editing team will then craft together a creative, engaging and dynamic event video encapsulating your sporting spectacle with style, ready to be shared with your audience on a range of platforms.

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