Video Production Process

We have a range of bespoke Video Production Services suitable for your needs, here is an insight into our production process, from idea to delivery.

Throughout our entire process, collaboration is our best asset. We have found that working as closely as possible with our clients, carefully understanding your vision and objectives is extremely important. We will take you on the production journey from start to finish, not only delivering the end-product you require, but also providing an in-depth insight into the world of creative production work.

Step 1

Imagine an Idea

It is our aim to bring your idea to life! This stage of the process is the most important. We work closely with your business to guarantee that the idea we decide to progress with ticks all the boxes.

Step 2

Sketch and Script

The next step is to devise a script or running order, put the ‘pencil to paper’ and start visualizing the project. Constant communication between the client and ourselves is important to make sure the vision is shared.

Step 3

Plan and Prepare

Now we have your idea visualized on paper, the next step is to plan the logistics of the production. We’ll be managing multiple elements of the project, organizing and preparing for the shoot.

Step 4

Setup and Shoot

The pre-production stage has now been completed and we are ready to go! Our next step is to arrive at the location, set up our equipment and then it’s ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’

Step 5

Cut and Colour

The shots have been captured, it is now time to carefully craft the footage, producing a structured edit that matches the original idea. Once cut together we will colour-correct and colour-grade each shot to alter and enhance the shots to match the style of the film.

Step 6

Review and Refine

Keeping you updated on our process is very important to us. Once we have produced the initial draft we’ll use online software to showcase the film to you. This software allows annotations by the viewer which is a great way to provide updates and discuss amendments if we are not within driving distance.

Step 7

Distribute and Deliver

The idea is now a reality. All that is left to do is export the final draft of the project. We can provide the film in the file type suitable for the platforms you will need it for. Sometimes you will want a physical package such as a memory stick or disc, this can also be discussed and tailored-made to suit your needs.