Animation Explainer Videos

Animation Explainers are fast becoming one of the most popular and engaging forms of video content in the world of business and marketing. With absolutely no limit or boundaries during the creative process, animations can be produced in virtually any style imaginable.


Animation STATS

Online studies show that in the modern day, one third of all online activity is spent watching video content. In the world of Ecommerce, when looking for a product to purchase, 90% of users say that seeing a video about the product is helpful in the decision process. Studies have also discovered that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to only 10% when reading it in text format. In regards to informative ‘Explainer Videos’, studies have shown that ‘animated’ explainers are 86% more effective than standard live-action video explainers.

As you can imagine, a company can use Animation in an abundance of different ways to benefit their business or customers. Developing the idea, writing the script, designing the content and animating the project are just the first steps within the process. Of course, they are each as important as the next, however WHERE the and HOW the content is ‘uploaded’ is equally as important as the production process itself. By pre-planning these elements you can ensure your Animation Video is performing as planned. Through Web and Mobile Applications there are multiple platforms enabling you to upload video content. Because of this, the planning process becomes more important than ever before. Each platform has their own parameters and guidelines to ensure the video you post is as effective for purpose as possible, and it’s important to utilise these for the best results.


Our Animation Services

At Roar Motion we offer a wide-variety of Animation Services, each having an intricate and bespoke creative process to meet the specific requirements of the client. The ‘style’ of animation is something we would discuss with the client during the very early stages of the pre-production process. No matter how bespoke the production will be, the overall style of the project generally falls into one of the following categories of Animation Services we can provide.


Infographic Animation

This style of animation essentially brings a generic ‘infographic design’ to life. Just like the graphics design product, it uses a mixed variety of icons and limited text to convey information in an efficient manner. Throughout the video the content can be effectively animated to maintain an engaging ‘flow’, this is achieved by transitioning from one piece of information to the next using seamless and creative animation techniques. Infographic Animation Explainers are a fantastic way to successfully deliver informative content to an audience. Certain information that could require pages and pages of reading, can be transformed into a creative and engaging animation that only requires 60 seconds of your attention. Whether it’s to raise awareness, for instructional purposes or to promote a business or service, Animated Infographic Explainer Videos are an ideal choice.

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Character Animations

If you do not already have company branded characters, we can work closely with you to design bespoke characters fitting your current brand. Once designed, the use of animated characters within the video can be a fantastic addition as they’re effective narrative drivers and relatable to the audience. Throughout the video these characters can be implemented in a variety of scenarios to aid with the information being delivered by the on-screen text or voice over audio. This style is very effective when conveying any instructional or safety information where the user could be involved. For example; if the character is conducting a specific action or explaining how to wear PPE (safety clothing), the user can now easily understand the information by following an animated human character.

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This style of animation requires minimal content but can still be just as effective when produced correctly. With the use of only text and backgrounds, the soundtrack becomes an important feature in this style. By cutting certain words to appear on screen to the beat of the music, you can deliver lots of information creatively and in a short space of time.

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This is certainly an option – If your project requires a mix of all three animation styles, then we can absolutely meet your requirements and work together on an effective structure that implements all styles in one creative piece.

We work with you on the entire production process from script, storyboard, design, animation, sound mastering all the way to delivery. We ensure your entire project is on-brand, engaging and most importantly effective for its purpose. Whether it’s for training, promoting a product, advertising an upcoming event or explaining a business or service… we have you covered.

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