The importance of Video Content Marketing: If you want to take on the world of digital content in 2021, then video is a medium that simply cannot be ignored.

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It’s no secret that video content rules the digital sphere. With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, receiving more than 1.5 billion users per month, it’s past the point of being a crucial element of public content consumption.

As well as this fact, 72% of users would choose video over text if both were available on the same web page. If you want to take on the world of digital content in 2021, then video simply cannot be ignored. Take advantage of the variety of video production services we offer to enhance your marketing techniques.


YouTube as a search engine.


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, with a staggering 3 billion searches a month. With this in mind, businesses and organisations should be taking hold of YouTube, not just for striking video content, but for the broad exposure across the web that a well-optimised published video can bring them.


Get an ‘SEO advantage’ with video content.


Videos feature prominently in Google’s Search Engine results Pages (SERPS). This means that organisations with relevant video content have an additional tactic to get prominent placement in the results. Strategically sharing uniformed, on-brand, engaging video content across multiple platforms, will certainly increase your overall exposure and generate an element of trust from your audience.


Building brand trust through video content marketing.


Having video content on your website, social profiles and display advertisements is not only an effective encourager of engagement and conversions, but also shows that your brand is serious about its products and services.

To produce video content requires a certain amount of investment, both in time and money, and so by displaying animation or video on your website, digital apps and social media profiles, the message is clear and the connotations are that your organisation is modern, up-to-date and can compete with the best in their field. This creates the foundations of brand trust and is imperative for businesses to succeed in the digital sphere in 2021.




Mobile-first video for best results.


The importance of mobile content marketing is well known. Thinking with a mobile-first mind-set is crucial in the modern age.

Video is no exception to this rule, and just as user experience matters when it comes to mobile, so does how your video content can be consumed. Think of Facebook news feeds, Instagram stories, TikTok snippets and branded clips on Twitter. These are very short videos, cleverly edited to display the best bits of your product or services in a fast-moving mobile environment. If you can get the present-ability and delivery of these videos right, you’re halfway to a winning video content marketing strategy.


Short video clips are great for on-the-go inspiration…


If you’re thinking of mobile-first, this means you’re thinking of on-the-go experiences. Which only reinforces the importance of a shorter duration for video content.

Beyond this, video as a medium full stop is much more effective than written content for on-the-go users. How many times have you read a 750-word article when stood in-between six people on the metro, train or bus during your morning commute? We’d guess not many.

Flicking through quick-fire videos however, is possibly our nation’s favourite pastime in 2020, and the messaging stays with us long after we’ve seen those few seconds of moving imagery, as video marketers receive 66% more qualified leads per year and report a 54% increase in brand awareness.




…and longer form videos are great for in-depth analysis.


Educational, or ‘how-to’ videos on the other hand, are fantastic for more in-depth guides and can be watched and consumed at home. After all, Comscore says that ‘‘Millennials’ mobile consumption has now eclipsed their live TV consumption’. Beyond this, 80% of consumers believe demonstration videos are useful when making purchase decisions.


‘Meet the team’ videos allow you to be completely transparent.


Another key benefit to utilising video content marketing in the modern digital sphere, is that it allows your organisation to be completely transparent.

So what does this mean exactly? In a world where we can see right-through corporations, celebrities and world-leaders thanks to 24/7 social media, the public expects to be able to discover the people behind brands, staff behind businesses and key figures in their specialist fields. Video provides that window into your world for your potential customers, and ‘meet the team’ films shows that your business has nothing to hide and is in fact made up of real people behind the brand name.


Don’t stop there, explore the entire spectrum of video content marketing!


Animated videos can help to explain things better, case study videos show users what you’ve already done and event coverage videos are fantastic for live-streaming and increasing engagement across social media.

We can work with you from idea to delivery. Once we understand your brief, audience and objectives, we can devise a strategic and detailed plan to create the right video content suited for you.

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